With school going online this fall, we’re starting a whole new phase of parent-sanctioned screen time at my house, which is why I’ve been on the hunt for blue light glasses for kids. The jury’s still out concerning exactly how much these glasses protect eyes, but I’ve personally found them helpful for preventing headaches and screen-related insomnia.

So I’ve searched the interwebs for some of the coolest blue light glasses for kids in all styles and price ranges. Whatever you’re doing for school, I think these could be a good idea for any kid who spends significant time in front of a screen. Know anyone like that?

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Top image: The Lauren Frame | Jonas Paul 

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Blue light glasses for kids: Optix 55 Blue Light Glasses

Optix 55 Blue Light Glasses

Not sure if your kid will actually wear their blue light glasses? You might want to start with a cheaper pair, like these Optix 55 glasses, which run $14 a pair. They’re made of lightweight silicone so they’re comfortable to wear for long periods and hard to break — even for littles. Optix 55 are Prime eligible as well so you can try them out like, tomorrow. ($14, Amazon)

Blue light glasses for kids: PAIR


PAIR specializes in hip kids’ eyewear, prescription and non. I like that the brand offers 5 different glasses sizes, rather than assuming kids all fit into the same frames. The bigger sizes can even be worn into adulthood, and with glasses this cute, your kid just might want to. PAIR lets you choose a base color and then add on different toppers, which come in fun patterns and finishes. These are great for kids who like to mix it up, since you don’t have to replace the glasses every time they get bored. ($60 for frames, $49 for blue light filter, PAIR)

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Blue light glasses for kids: Blue Light Kids 

Blue Light Kids 

Blue Light Kids offers a free lifetime guarantee, which is a pretty impressive promise for a company that sells a kids’ accessory. Plus, they donate a free pair to a kid in need for every pair purchased. Their whole website is very tech-positive and seems to have online learning in mind. Very 2020. ($37-45, Blue Light Kids)

Blue light glasses for kids: Jonas Paul 

Jonas Paul 

The frames are this shop are so gorgeous, I’m totally coveting a pair for myself. Unfortunately they don’t make glasses for adults, but older kids will love their sophisticated canon of frames styles and colors. They offer prescription glasses in addition to blue light, and the frames are light and flexible so they can last a while. Not sure if you wan to make the investment? Jonas Paul offers an affordable try-on kit so you can see if it’s worth the price before purchasing. ($55-89 frames + $49 blue light lens, Jonas Paul)


Blue light glasses for kids: AHXLL Kids Blue Light glasses 



AHXLL Kids Blue Light glasses 

Shades, goggles, blue light glasses: you name it, my son has misplaced it. So I love that these AHXLL kids’ blue light glasses come in a set of two. Kids can leave one by the computer and one in their backpack — or, you know, tethered to the Nintendo Switch.  They also come with holes in each glasses leg so that kids can thread a string or lanyard through them to keep them close to hand. ($21.99 for 2 pairs, Amazon)