A smart part of me is a little worried that we’re turning into the Baby Yoda blog here on Cool Mom Tech. But the bigger part of me is like “BRING IT ON!” which is why I’m so excited to share this new Baby Yoda Lego Set (top) that is now available for pre-order. When is it launching, you ask? On October 30, which also happens to be when the new season of The Mandalorian drops. Why yes, our calendars are marked, thanks for asking.

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Baby Yoda and Mandalorian BrickHeadz

This is not the only Baby Yoda Lego Set available, by the way, so if you can’t wait that long, you can grab the Lego BrickHeadz (above) that you can purchase right now, featuring The Child and The Mandalorian. Granted, your Lego head will probably construct these in a matter of minutes, but they are pretty perfect for a collector’s shelf while you wait for the actual set to launch next month.

You can pre-order the set now for $80, which has just over 1,000 pieces, and most importantly, a Baby Yoda The Child minifig, which I might be most excited about. We’re pretty sure Baby Yoda gear will be high on lots of holiday lists, so definitely stock up now!

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