By now we’ve covered Baby Yoda speakers, pajamas, and Funk POP! figurines, and now I’ve really hit the jackpot with these Baby Yoda face masks from Etsy shop Nerdy Bird Co. I’ve been on the hunt for cheerful face masks to counter all the heaviness of what a face mask signifies. But I had no idea I’d luck out this much when I started my search.

These Baby Yoda masks are small, cute, and powerful, kind of like the little dude (dudette?) himself.

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This Baby Yoda face mask from Nerdy Bird Co. comes with adjustable pull-ties for extra comfort.

I love that they come in adult and kid sizes, since they might be the perfect thing to help convince a younger child who’s reluctant to wear a mask. And rather than elastic bands that latch onto your ears, these come with an adjustable pull-tie that goes around your head and neck.

I’m obsessed with all the options, especially the frog-in-mouth design, which I think will draw a laugh from fellow Mandalorian fans. I only regret that the shop doesn’t offer the very memable Baby-Yoda-drinking-coffee-and-staring scene, since I think it would be perfect for serving up judgmental looks at non-mask-wearers.

But hey, with masks as cute as these available, maybe I won’t need to glare at all.

Find your own Baby Yoda mask at Nerdy Bird Co. on Etsy.