We can all use ways to make our lives a little easier, which is why we’re talking about Alexa, which we know has helped our own staff, and maybe you too. That includes this episode’s sponsor Bamboo Learning, which offers fun ways for elementary-aged kids to learn and practice all sorts of subjects, made even easier with Alexa. It’s just as simple as saying “Alexa, open Bamboo Learning.”

And hey, there’s so much more you can do with that friendly home assistant of yours. We’re here to help!

Our favorite Alexa Skills to make life easier, and even more fun! | Out Tech Your Kids podcast Ep 22

Take a listen to some of our favorite quick Alexa Skills for

-cooking and food

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About our sponsor

We’re so happy to tell you more about our sponsor Bamboo Learning. They offer fun ways for kids to learn and practice math, English, language arts, and more, using Alexa.

Bamboo English helps support your kids' learning, right from your Alexa | sponsor

With Bamboo English, you’ll get over 60,000 exercises, including 10,000 free ones to get you started, for phonics, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Need math help? Bamboo Math has over a million exercises from number and word problems, to place values and decimals, and pretty much everything in between. They’ve also offer dozens of narrated books with questions to help kids practice listening and reading comprehension through Bamboo Books. And using Bamboo Luminaries introduces your kids to over 250 historically important people.

And, you can track your kids’ progress, up to 6 on one account, using the optional Bamboo Grove feature of the Bamboo Learning website.

To get started, just say “Alexa, open Bamboo Learning,” or visit the Bamboo Learning site for more information.