Do you have a struggling speller? As a homeschool mom, I know first-hand how hard it can be to try to explain spelling rules to a kid who doesn’t quite get it, which is why I had to share the Wordcraft app that my kids have been playing lately.

A vocabulary app my kids actually enjoy? That’s rare.

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Increase your vocabulary skills with regular practice on the Wordcraft app

Wordcraft helps your child master vocabulary and spelling by focusing on the roots, suffixes, and prefixes of words. It feels like a game, but they’re actually learning how words are formed.

But don’t worry: the lessons are sneaky, so your kids won’t realize they’re learning. It feels more like playing a trivia game. Each word appears with a part missing, and you have to choose the correct answer from a multiple choice field of options.


Challenge your kids' vocab skills with the Wordcraft app

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If you delay a few seconds in your response, the definition of each root/prefix/suffix will appear on those tabs as a little hint to kids who aren’t quite sure. And as the levels progress, the words get harder and you’ll be asked to fill in more than one missing part of the word.

With each passing flashcard, roots and stems are building on one another, so you kids will start to intuitively see connections. You’ll go from bicycle, to biped, to quadruped. From omnivore to herbivore to herbicide.

Boost vocabulary skills with the Wordcraft app


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I love that it also gives a photo of each word once you’ve finished it, and as you progress through levels, some questions will simply present a word and give photo options for you to choose as the correct definition. This is great for visual learners.

If you have a struggling speller or a kid who could use a boost on their vocab or just a bookworm kid who can’t get enough when it comes to words, the Wordcraft app might be just what they need to become adroit  in their ELA work. I have to admit, even this English major has gotten a little hooked on it myself.