Just in time for this summer’s long-awaited 2020 Tokyo Olympics — yes, they’re still calling it that — leave it to Apple to create the accessory to match. They’re out today with 22 new, limited-edition International Sport Loop Collection watch bands, each one representing a different nation going for the Gold. What’s extra cool, is that you can also download a free matching Stripe face for the Apple Watch too.

Can you name all these countries below? One hint: I’m writing from the one in the middle right now. One more hint: if you’re rooting for Aruba, Madagascar, or Equatorial Guinea, you won’t find them here.

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The new Apple International Sports bands coordinate with Apple Watch faces. Show your support for your favorite Olympic team!

9 of the 22 new Apple Watch International Sport Loop band designs

I think they’re all pretty terrific looking, as we’ve come to expect from Apple. There are even some smart little design details to help distinguish say, Canada from Denmark, which both have red and white flags. Or South Korea from Russia.

Even the USA and Great Britain are different. Though if I were Ted Lasso, I’d get both and toggle between them.


The new Apple International Sportsloop for Apple Watch representing the Olympic countries. Like Jamaica!

Jamaica Apple Watch face + sports band In time for the Olympics, the new USA Apple Watch International Sports Bands coordinate with matching Apple Watch Faces. Lots of countries to choose fromUSA! USA!

Pro tip: If you simply want to download a new Olympic Nation Stripe face to a band you already own, feel free.( It’s literally free.) But if you love the whole matchy thing and are feeling super supportive of one of the 22 nations here, you can order the 40mm or 44m band starting today, and  have it on your wrist in days. That gives you pleeeeenty of time to spare before the Opening Ceremonies on July 23.

That’s when you start officially cheering for your favorite team. Which is the US Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team, naturally.