I’m not sure about you, but even with an iPhone 12, which is not the biggest iPhone out there (hello, 12 Pro Max friends), I’m a two-handed keyboard user. I generally peck with my right pointer, and add a little left-hand thumb action now and then. And yes, I’m talking about phones, people. (Ahem, cough).

But there have been many times when I’ve needed to use the keyboard one-handed, which generally turns into one grammatical hot mess, not to mention a rapid succession of one or two-word texts, to which my kids reply, “Why are you texting like that?”

Well, now I just use the one-handed keyboard setting and it is a huge lifesaver! Here’s how to enable it if you too need to free up a hand, and still get your keyboarding on.

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iPhone keyboard trick: One-handed keyboard | Cool Mom Tech

1. Open up any app that uses the keyboard, like messages.

2. Hold the emoji or globe down (bottom left-hand corner)

3. At the bottom of the pop-up, tap either the left or right-handed keyboard.

That’s it! Just click the arrow on the side to return back to your regularly-scheduled two-handed keyboard situation.

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