When your teen takes the time to text you the news about InnerSloth’s official Among Us costume for Halloween this year, you know that the party game that got millions of kids through the worst of the pandemic last year is only growing in power.

Kind of like a player who randomly becomes the Imposter three times in a row and still doesn’t get caught.

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We found the official Among Us costumes, and they're made in kid AND adult sizes!

There look to be a variety of colors in the inflatable costumes — at least if you can find them. They’re already selling out like crazy on Amazon,  which is an official retailer.

Tip:At the time I’m hitting publish, I do see two orange ones left. (Hurry, if that one’s your fave.) Even so, they promise to restock soon so I’d add to wait list stat if you’re interested.


We found the official Among Us costumes, and they're awesome!

They’ll offer both kid and adult sizes in the Among Us costumes, and you may know how much we love family costume ideas. But in either size, they’re large enough that no one can accidentally slip into an air duct somewhere. (I always do that.)

No word as to whether you can hack your costume with a red beanie or pink blowers, but if you’re wondering about the lack of arms in the costume, look closer — there seems to be an armhole slit on either side. This way, your favorite cremate can still grab those Reeses Cups. For you.

In space, no one can hear you steal your kids’ Halloween candy.

Find YuMe and InnerSloth’s official Among Us costumes for Halloween on Amazon or in select retailers