Who says your iPhone can’t get dressed up for Halloween too? These fun Halloween iPhone cases are the perfect way to get a little festive for the month of October — and beyond. But especially now, with so many costumed trick or treaters hoping to (safely) return to their favorite annual tradition.

But because not all of us want to change our iPhone cases every single month, we’ve put together some wonderful Halloween themed cases that you keep using well past October 31.  And don’t worry if you don’t have the latest iPhone — Society 6 offers cases for more than 20 models now, going wayyyy back to the iPhone 6.

(Though at this point, may we recommend an upgrade? You won’t believe how spectacular your photos will look with the iPhone 13 Pro Max.)

This post updated for 2021

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Fang lips iPhone case for Halloween from Vera Wong

This fang iPhone case is fangtastic. Ha, sorry couldn’t help it! But hey, if you’re a True Blood, Buffy, or Vampire Diaries fan, this case screaming your name. Via Vera Wong (love that) on Society 6.


Sugar skull portrait iPhone case for Halloween and beyond, by Ann Artshock

Sugar skulls are always amazing, and this original sugar skull portrait on an iPhone case by Ann Artshock is rad.


Witchcraft Phone Case from Camille Chew for Halloween

It’s going to take a whole lot of witchcraft to keep our sanity with all the sugar, which is why this Witchcraft Phone Case from Camille Chew on Society 6 is perfect for parents. But if you love witchy-cool stuff like crystals and palm reading, this is a fun Halloween iPhone case that’s definitely not just for Halloween.


Zombie Christopher Walken iPhone case from Post Human Design Studio

Laughing so hard at this genius Zombie Christopher Walken iPhone case because….Zombie Christopher Waken! IMHO this is the kind of Halloween iPhone case where Halloween is really just an excuse to get the case. Find it from Post Human Design Studio.


Halloween iPhone cases you can use all year: Cemetery ghost cat case from There Will Be Cute

If you have little ones, you might want something a little more tame than braiiiiins… in which case this Cemetery Ghost Cats iPhone case from the aptly named shop, There Will Be Cute may be perfect for you. Look around her shop — there are so many equally cute Halloween iPhone cases, like this  Lil Spookies Halloween iPhone case if you want to get a lil’ more traditional.


Halloween iPhone cases to use after Halloween: Pastel Goth Bunny Eyeball iPhone case from Griffy Prints,

If you like more of a cool kawaii look, we’re loving this Pastel Goth Bunny Eyeball iPhone case from Griffy Prints, and yes that’s the actual iPhone case name. Just know that if you have teens like ours they’ll probably steal it from you.


Halloween iPhone cases: Skeleton Yoga Case from Huebucket on Society 6

How did Huebucket know that this Skeleton Yoga iPhone Case completely nails how we feel when we’re stretching these days? Bring this one t your next yoga class and you’re guaranteed to get a laugh, even if it’s not Halloween.