Who else is in the market for cool new video games for your families? Video games tend to get a bad rap, but I’ve found that picking the right game can actually foster connection and fun. So if you have an avid gamer in your family and are looking for a way to enter in, check these out.

Or if you’re just being proactive about the long months of winter ahead of us, these video games might be for your family.

And good news! You don’t need to be an e-sports pro to have fun at these simple-to-learn games. (Scoot over, CyberPunk).

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Our picks for the best new video games for families in 2021

Of course you can always buy any game, whenever it came out — if your family doesn’t have it it’s new to you, right? But these are our picks for the best new video games for families in 2021 that are friendly for all ages, and get excited to play with our kids — maybe even more excited than they are to play video games with us!

The best new video games for families: Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars

Compatible with: Nintendo Switch 

I love that Mario Party Superstars compiles some of my favorite OG games and characters from Nintendo 64. Princess Peach for life! And I think this would be such fun video game for bringing together Gen Z kids and their millennial and Gen X parents who grew up with all the Mario World characters too.

Of course you’ll all need a Nintendo Switch — and fortunately you can get them again! Compare cost and shipping dates (or in-store pickup avails) at Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and of course any local electronic stores or game shops near you.



NBA 2K22

Compatible with: PlayStation, XBox, Switch, PC

Sports video games are always a good option to play together as a family. Revamped for 2022, as you might have guessed from the name, NBA 2K22 is a terrific option if you want to play across multiple platforms, or you have one family member away at college, for example. Plus, I love that you can play in WNBA mode — and there’s a certain joy in getting to design your own uniforms.

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Big Brain Academy

Compatible with: Nintendo Switch

If you want to keep screen time a bit more educational, opt for Big Brain Academy. Up to 4 family members can play at one time, and it pits kids against their parents to test memory, coordination, and puzzles. This is one of the new video games that’s perfect for younger kids — or parents who could use some brain exercise to stay sharp. (Just me?)


The best new video games for families: Just Dance 2022

Just Dance 2022

Compatible with: PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo Switch

I credit Just Dance 2020 with helping me survive lockdowns in the height of 2020. When it was too cold to go outside and the Y wasn’t safe, my littles and I danced it out to the songs from Just Dance on repeat. And I’m so glad I can just enjoy this game as, well…a game this year instead of a coping mechanism. And OMG, such fun songs this year! Truly can’t wait.


The best new video games for families: WarioWare | Get It Together


Compatible with: Nintendo Switch

WarioWare offers dozens of very silly, fast-paced microgames that family members can play together or on their own. For those of us who struggle to pull our kids away from long, involved games because “I’m almost done fighting the lost boss and can’t lose my progress,” microgames seem like a godsend.

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The best new video games for families: Among Us Crewmate Edition

Among Us Crewmate Edition

Compatible with: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, XBox

This uber popular Among Us app is coming to a video game console near you! I like how it naturally cultivates collaboration and teamwork (unless you’re the imposter!). The Among Us Crewmate edition video game (coming December 21) allows you to customize so many variables, like adding imposters or changing your look. And because it comes out so close to Christmas, here’s to digital download codes, which kids will love to unwrap as much as an actual game.