As much as we love flowers and chocolate for Mother’s Day (seriously, bring it on) we’d never say no to an awesome Mother’s Day tech gift. Especially one that recognizes we are basically insanely busy, on-the-go multi-taskers who manage our entire lives — and our family’s, ahem — with the help of our phones, tablets and laptops.

From audio accessories, to chic gadget cases, to online subscriptions that make our lives better, here are some fantastic Mother’s Day tech gift ideas for all the mobile moms of the world..

Which, to be honest, is nearly all of us these days.

– This post has been updated for 2022 – 

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10 high-tech gifts for the mobile mom

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Bandolier hands-free crossbody phone case makes an amazing tech gift for mom

Bandolier CrossbodyPhone Case and Wallet
($95 for this style, Amazon)

If she likes tech accessories of the designer ilk, I have been raving about Bandolier for ages. I called them the perfect accessory “until women get clothes with some damn pockets.” Since Covid, I find mine more practical than ever — no more digging into your bag for all that touchless pay action — just lift the phone up from over your shoulder, and beep! It really is a winning Mother’s Day tech gift. You’ll rarely see me without mine.


Cool tech gifts for moms: Pair Eyewear blueblockers have interchangeable magnetic toppers so she can change her look
Pair Eyewear Blue Blocker Glasses
($60 for glasses + $25/ea for toppers)
If she’s totally burnt out from all these months of of Zoom calls and doom-scrolling, save her eyes with a pair of the cool blue-blocking glasses from Pair Eyewear — you pick the base and be sure to select non-Rx Blue Blocker. What’s really fun is that for an extra $25 (glad they reduced that price, phew), you can add different “toppers” to help her change out her look every time you see her. Choose from solids to patterns (cheetah!) to sparkle to themed designs like Marvel, NHL and Harry Potter.
(Pro tip: I recently tried getting Blue Blockers cheaply on Amazon, and three tries later — do not recommend.)



Breathwrk app helps with calm, energy, sleep and more

A subscription to the Breathwork app
($19.50/year with 50% exclusive discount)
Calm App Subscription
($69.99/1 year, Calm)

If there’s one thing all moms can use, it’s some peace and quiet — and space to ourselves. We’ve featured 7 of our favorite meditation apps which are all terrific.
My personal favorite remains Calm ( iOS or Android) which has been so helpful in terms of controlling my breathing, managing stress, and even helping me fall asleep more easily in the past year, that here I am, mom to mom, recommending it wholeheartedly for Mother’s Day. But for a more affordable option, check out the Breathwork app which really helps with anxiety, stress and focus.

Shokz OpenRun Pro headphone are an amazing tech gift for moms who run or bike

Shokz OpenRun Pro Sport Headphones
($179.99, Amazon)

Christina recently fell in love with these incredible headphones that let her listen to her music, podcasts, or audiobooks all without blocking out the world around her thanks to bone conductive technology. Yes it’s a splurge. But if she bikes, runs, lifts weights or just likes to do work around the house with headphones on, Shokz OpenRun Pro headphones allow moms do (safely) what we do best — always keeping one ear open for the kids.

Mother's Day tech gifts: A tech organizer that's smart and sophisticated | Cool Mom Tech

Monogrammed Gadget Clutch
($109 on sale plus personalization,  Mark & Graham)

These days, we can’t leave home without a phone, our AirPods, an extra mask or two, hand wipes, a charging cable… which is why this gorgeous leather tech case is such a great Mother’s Day tech gift, blending practicality and style for any mobile mom. That monogram is the cherry on top. Lots more fun stuff at this shop if you want to browse.

By the way, these charging cables are fantastic and in this color, it makes one a practical and pretty Mother’s Day tech gift — and a nice upgrade to that gadget clutch.

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The Kodak Step Mini Printer makes a cool Mother's Day tech gift

Kodak Step Instant Photo Printer
($69.99, Amazon)

If she’s always too busy to get all those photos off her mobile phone (raising my hand), she’ll be thrilled to be able to print them so easily using Bluetooth from any iOS or Android device. No ink to change either! Perfect for family reunions, or weekend trips together.


How to sanitize and disinfect your phones and gadgets: The PhoneSoap3 kills bacteria and germs using UV-C light

Phone Soap UV Sanitizer
($59.99, Amazon)

If you read our post about the best ways to clean and sanitize your phone, you’ll know why moms would be thrilled to get a UV phone sanitizer — and this uber popular Phone Soap system is now back in stock (at normal prices) after a pandemic-induced rush that led to limited supplies and price gouging. They’re popular for good reason, but a better Mother’s Day gift when they’re not a zillion dollars.


Mom Tattoo iPhone Case, artist made on Society 6 - fabulous Mother's Day gift for mobile moms

Mom Tattoo iPhone Case by Tricia O’Quinn
($18.75 on sale and up, Society 6)

Now that we change phone cases like we change earrings, she’d probably love this fab new accessory to protect her phone. It comes available for basically every iPhone model — though if hers is older than an iPhone X, maybe an iPhone trade-in is the Mother’s Day tech gifts she needs most.

Tech gifts for the mobile mom: Native Union wireless charging station | Mother's Day gifts

Native Union has always offered an elegant range of practical but stylish cords, accessories and docking solutions for devices, and now I love their latest: A modern, simple charging kit that’s perfect for a nightstand or desk. It holds both an iPhone and AirPods magnetically, while charging so she’s always starting the morning at 100%.So to speak.

Mother's Day tech gifts: Bang & Olufsen BeoSound wireless Bluetooth speaker in lots of great colors

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Portable Bluetooth Speaker
($250, Amazon)

I fell in love with this gorgeous Beoplay portable speakers in multiple colors a few years back, and now they’re out with this upgrade that does way more than play music, like offering Alexa support. Considering it’s from Bang & Olufsen, it happens to do the music playing amazingly well — but audio books and podcasts will sound just fine too whether she’s in a hotel room, at a desk, or just bringing into the bathroom and locking the door.