Father’s Day is coming up and while we always have loads of last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas for you over on Cool Mom Picks, I was poking around to find some deals for you late shoppers. Turns out, there are some fantastic tech gifts for dads on sale right now — and I don’t mean the weird no-name knock-off stuff.

Hurry and hit Amazon and snag a speedy Prime delivery slot. You’ll be all set with a cool tech gift for Father’s Day, and save some money while you’re at it.

5 hot tech deals for Father’s Day. But hurry!

5 fantastic tech gifts for dads all on sale | coolmomtech

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1. Marshall Bluetooth Speakers

Father's Day tech deals: Marshall Bluetooth speaker is gorgeous for work or home

Marshall Acton II Bluetooth Speaker
$229.99 (regularly $279.99)

If he needs a cool new speaker for his bedroom, office, or gaming area, snag this $50-off deal on a terrific compact Marshall Bluetooth speaker for Father’s Day. That design is classic cool on any shelf at all. (And hey, we can’t all afford a Bang & Olufson.

Father's Day tech deals: Marshall portable Bluetooth speaker

For an option that’s even more portable, I love the Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Speaker (also at very top)  on sale for just $149. It offers terrific sound for 24 hours of unplugged play, which includes locations like the pool, beach or shower thanks to its decent 30-minute water resistance.

2. Beats Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

Beats in-ear Studio Buds on sale: tech deals for dads

Beats Studio Buds Noise-Cancelling Earbuds + 6 Months of Free Apple Music
$119.95 (regularly $149.95)

If he’d like to tune out the world while gaming, listening to tunes, running on the treadmill, or yelling on conference calls (ha), this is a terrific deal on Beats popular noise-cancelling earbuds. He’ll get 8 hours of listening time, spatial audio support, right-sized fit with three ear tip sizes and more. It works with both Android and iPhone too — and six months of free, no-ad Apple Music is a nice bonus.


3. Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Tech deals for last minute Father's Day gifts: Amazon echo dot with clock is 33% off

Echo Dot 4th Gen with Clock
$39.99 (regularly $59.99)

If he’s always wanted to say, “Alexa, tell a Dad joke” so he can add to his repertoire — or adjust the temperature, or look up a new grilling recipe —  hook him up with this sweet tech deal. The Amazon Echo Dot is currently $20 off the regular price for a limited time and the clock function makes it perfect for a bedside table so he can put his phone away more too.

Psst…for an even sweeter deal, check out the Echo Dot 4th Gen without clock for just $29.99!


4. Hexium Portable Telescope

Tech deals for Father's Day: Amazon's best-selling telescope is nearly 60% off!

Hexium Portable 70mm Aperture Portable Telescope
$84.99 (regularly $199.99)

This incredible deal on Amazon’s #1 best-selling catadioptric telescope — nearly 60% off! — makes an amazing tech gift for a stargazer or a stargazing wannabe. The wireless remote is a fun touch, a tripod phone adapter will let him get great shots of the next full moon, and a carrying bag means you’ve got one more unplugged (mostly) activity for your next family road trip


5. Theragun Deep Tissue Massagers

Tech deals for Father's Day: Theragun Elite

Theragun Elite Therapy Deep Tissue Massager 
$349 (regularly $399, shown here)

Theragun Prime
$249 (regularly $299)

Theragun Mini
$159 (regularly $199)

When I tell you this may have been the best and most practical tech gift for a dadI have ever given, I mean it. This thing lives up to all the hype, and now I know why this is the choice of professional sports teams, top athletes, and their physical therapists.  It works like magic, releasing all that tension he holds in his back and shoulders, legs… you name it. Godsend.

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