For our annual Father’s Day gift guide, we’ve found 16 of the coolest Father’s Day tech gifts under $100 (if we do say so ourselves) — several of them even under $50! Because June 19th is coming up fast.

We always have a great time tracking down the best Father’s Day gifts to make all our dads, grandfathers, and stepdads in our lives feel special. But we especially love scouring the web (and a few other secret resources) to track down affordable tech gifts for Dad, because cool dads deserve cool tech that fits any budget.

Here you’ll find Father’s Day tech gifts under $100 for fitness junkies, and gamers, and home chefs, for dads who love listening to great music, podcasts, or audiobooks — and even a few fun fun retro gift ideas too..

Along with the gift, of course don’t forget a great homemade Father’s Day card, or go all out with a personalized video for dad. Great dads are worth it.

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16 cool Father’s Day tech gifts under $100 | Father’s Day Guide 2022

Father's Day tech gift ideas under $100 | Cool Mom Tech 2022

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This portable speaker sounds great outdoors and is a cool pick for Father's Day at under $100

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom II portable wireless speaker
($99.99, Target)

With an “outdoor boost” button for better sound and clarity outside, he’ll be ready to hit the beach, campground, or just to hang around the backyard with the kids and his favorite tunes. And it’s not only waterproof, but it also floats so no worries if it gets knocked into the pool or gets soaked while he’s singing in the shower.


This personalized wood Airpod case from KnK Flowers makes a great Father's Day gift under $100

Personalized wood AirPod case by K&K Flowers
($16.50+, Etsy)

A lot more sophisticated than my adorable squishy silicone case, and not too much more expensive, this sophisticated version comes in a choice of four different woods and can be personalized with his name or nickname in your choice of fonts. An affordable Father’s Day tech gift from the kids that is super useful and looks a lot more expensive than it is.

Shokz OpenMove headphones are a great Father's Day gift under $100

Shokz OpenMove bone conduction headphones
($79.95, four colors, Amazon)

Whether he’s a weekend warrior or works out daily, Shokz OpenMove bone conduction headphones, will allow him to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks without blocking out the world as he moves through it. This original Shokz style operates very much like the newer (and pricier) OpenRun Pro which we recently featured, but holds a bit less charge time and utilizes slightly older technology. They’re still an awesome gift that will help keep dad safer while outside.

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He'll be king of the grill for Father's Day with the Meater Plus smart thermometer

Meater Plus smart meat thermometer
($99.95, Amazon)

Of course we need a grilling gift, right? Well he’ll be king of the grill — or the stove — with this high-tech smart meat thermometer. it allows him to keep an eye on his food from his phone, and he can even set up alerts so that expensive steak comes off the grill at the perfect time.


Mark & Graham's basketball and baseball leather charger rollups for Father's Day

Leather charger rollup made of baseball and basketball leather
($29.99+, Mark & Graham)

Sports-loving dads who could use a little organization in their lives will get a kick out of these leather charger roll ups from long-time favorite Mark and Graham. Made from the leather used to make baseball gloves or professional basketballs, they can both be personalized with his initials. And check out their MLB collection which adds their favorite team’s logo to the front of the case! Home run!

The Hypersphere mini massage ball will help work out dad's sore muscles and is a thoughtful Father's Day gift under $100

Hypersphere mini vibrating massage ball
($75, Nordstrom)

If trying to keep up with the kids has him feeling a little stiff lately, this cool handheld Hypersphere vibrating massage ball from Hyperice well help him target the spots that go “ouch.”  It’s even TSA approved, in case he wants to bring it along on his his next long flight to help work out the stress that come with airline travel these days. What a cool Father’s Day tech gift under $100 that seems like it would cost a lot more.


Great Father's Day gift for dads who still are working from home, this ObVus laptop tower stand helps dad change positions while working

ObVus Solutions laptop tower stand
($74.99, Amazon)

A lot of us started working at home during quarantine…and never went back to the office. That’s why I still love this inexpensive but highly rated laptop tower stand that we featured in our roundup of 5 home-office gadgets that take your workspace to the next level. Great for getting him up off his butt during long hours in his home office.

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Dig out those old mix tapes and give dad this cool Bluetooth cassette player for Father's Day

Crosley Bluetooth cassette player
($59.95, Nordstrom)

Dust off his 90’s mix tapes by gifting him this cool retro-meets-modern cassette player from Crosley. Just be ready to hear, “hey, listen to this one!” about 10,000 times. This cool Father’s Day gift under $100 also connects via Bluetooth to play his favorite streaming playlists, too.


Maybe dad will share his charger if you give him his very own personalized one like this one from Personalization Mall

Dad’s charger
($22.99, Personalization Mall)

Does everyone steal his charger? They won’t make it too far with this clearly labeled charger, though with its three ports, maybe he’ll share some of that juice.



Gamer dads will love this 2022 wireless mouse from SteelSeries for Father's Day

SteelSeries Aero 3 2022 wireless gaming mouse
($99.99, Best Buy)

Another fantastic mouse from SteelSeries (also featured in our list of 10 father’s day gifts for gamer dads that will impress the heck out of him),  this 2022 model receives terrific reviews, with 200 hours of battery life and a lightweight design. Cool Father’s Day gift just under $100. Hey, maybe gift him a few hours of uninterrupted game time as well?

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Give him an Audible gift subscription for the rest of 2022 for Father's Day

Six-month Audible subscription
($90, Audible)

A top pick in our guide to 15 cool but practical Father’s Day gifts, signing dad up for six months of Audible will give him loads to listen to for the rest of 2022. Hey, it may be practical, but it’s still awesome.


Apple's HomePod Mini has amazing sound and would make a great Father's Day gift under $100

Apple HomePod Mini
($99, Best Buy; wooden stand extra)

Diehard Apple dads will love having a HomePod Mini at the ready to play music loudly, answer questions, or even act as an intercom if you place a couple around your house. Way better than yelling.

If you want to spend a bit over the $100 limit, we love  this stylish walnut or white oak HomePod Mini stand from Germany’s balolo (shown above).


The Wahoo heart rate monitor is a smart gift for a dad who loves to work out

Fitness heart rate monitor from Wahoo
($79.99, Amazon)

As someone training for a triathlon myself, I’m a big fan of monitoring heart rates while training — especially as so many of us are recovering from Covid and need to be mindful of this. (Sigh.) This unobtrusive, easy-to-wear armband is a thoughtful but cool Father’s Day gift to help keep an eye on Dad’s heart while he gives it a workout.

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This retro arcade charger is such a great Father's Day gift for a gaming dad

Arcade game Apple watch charging station
($16.80+, Ludicrous Creations on Etsy)

If he spent hours of his youth trying to conquer Centipede or Tetris, he’ll love this Apple watch charging station that looks like a retro arcade game console. Available in just about any color combo, it’s super cute for the kid at heart. (Or kid of the 70s, 80s, or 90s.)


L.L. Bean's rechargeable lantern is a useful and thoughtful gift for Father's Day

Rechargeable camping lantern
($49.95, L.L. Bean)

Make sure dad is prepared while camping or even during a power outage with this bright rechargeable lantern that includes a handy USB port for charging your phone. Rugged and super useful.

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Cracking up over these too-truthful tech storage bags that make a great Father's Day gift

Funny tech travel  bags
(approximately $18+, Snappy Crocodile)

Hey, he may never pare down his charging cable and travel adapter stash, so at least help him keep them all organized for travel, or storage right at home.Give yourself extra time for personalization of these bags if available. Plus, know they ship from the UK but even if they come late, they’re so cool, I had to include them.