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If your child is struggling with math, needs more help than what they’re getting in the classroom, or could just use a little enthusiasm boost, check out the free Mathpid app — the popular, highly successful math app from Korea’s Woongjin Thinkbig that’s now available here in the US.

Available for both iOS and Android, Mathpid was developed with the support of 300+ teachers and tutors to help get kids in Kindergarten through grade 9 feeling more confident about math and excited to work independently — that means without nudging from you, parents.

What’s special about Mathpid is a 1:1 customized experience. Once students start working in the app, the AI tutor recognizes their skill level to offer personalized learning solutions just for them.

From there, Mathpid helps children learn level by level, using a series of engaging videos, custom-tailored learning materials, unlimited practice worksheets, and immediate feedback through impressive technology — kids point the “math camera” toward their own handwritten work, and the AI can read their handwriting, instantly helping them solve a problem they might be struggling with.

It can even suggest related problems at their very own level, to keep the learning going.

The Mathpid Math App is like an AI-powered math tutor for your kids | sponsored message

Kids will find support with essential arithmetic skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, and fractions.
Plus, it works; after 12 weeks of use, students improve up to Level 7 on average. Plus “missions” and charming characters help keep learning fun, while progress reports keep parents informed about how well your kids are doing.

Mathpid may even keep you from having to find a math tutor or time for extra teaching after school. Besides, unlike the Mathpid app, math tutors don’t tend to be available 24/7.

Download the free Mathpid app today for kids in grades K-9 from The App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android)

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