Oh Appy Day! featuring Mayim Bialik


Oh Appy Day! gives you the scoop on the coolest apps from some of the coolest people anywhere. This week, we’re so happy to have Mayim Bialik sharing her fave.

We have a mostly no-media household when it comes to my two kids, so we’re big music fans–particularly as a good distraction, but also as a teaching tool. Since I recently upgraded to an HTC phone, I can’t wait to get the new Spotify app up and running. Having music on my phone will be perfect to help keep the kids busy and entertained. - Mayim

Oh Appy Day! Cool apps from cool peopleThe Spotify app is available free for iPhone, iTouch, Symbian, Windows, Palm, and Android with upgrades available.

You can catch Mayim Bialik on The Big Bang Theory, as well as in the recent DVD release The Dog Who Saved Halloween. Her parenting book “Beyond the Sling” will be released in March 2012.

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