Now that my kids have a bit more autonomy on my iPad, I have a greater awareness about what things they’re tapping on. While they’re still too young to know how to explore the Internet and poke around (thank goodness!), their curious hands might not have gotten that memo. That’s why I’m grateful for an app that culls age-appropriate content and pulls it all together in one app.

Upon entering the Playrific app, for iOS or Android, kids can look, with your help, through a catalog of books, videos, games and songs that appeal to them. Now I am grateful that you don’t have to register to be able to use an app, however  I will say that doing so with Playrific will give you more customized content to suit your child’s age.

The more your kid chooses, the more the content is customized to their likes. If it’s baby animals, tips for brushing teeth, or Sesame Street clips, it’s likely they will find something that they enjoy. The concept is similar to another app called Gube that we have covered in the past, but unlike just focusing on YouTube clips, Playrific compiles other multimedia assets too.

You can also import personal YouTube bookmarks, photos and videos–your own chosen content–to add to their media options for a completely personalized (and safe!) multimedia experience for kids. -Jeana 

Playrific app is available for free on iTunes or for Android from Google Play.