Justin Timberlake dressed as a cup of soup. Michael Bolton vamping as Captain Jack Sparrow. Both are a YouTube hoot. The idea of my kids coming across either one while clicking through to what they think might be age appropriate is not.

Enter Gube. Think of it as YouTube for kids, where thousands–yep, thousands–of YouTube videos are curated for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and grade schoolers. Your kids will never be bored at the doctor’s office again. No. Really.

Everything on Gube is pre-screened, parent-submitted and parent-picked. Save time by searching by what your kids want to watch–Sesame Street, Batman, sign language, puppies–then star each video they want to watch again.

Starring filters them into a favorites list, but there are drawbacks. Kids can easily un-star the videos, which removes them from the favorites list. Any video removed by YouTube will no longer be playable either–even if a thumbnail of it is still in your kiddies’ favorites list. Try explaining that to a three year old who wants to watch Thomas now.

Plus there’s the downside of allowing someone else curate videos for you, unlike DuckyTube which you control completely.

Still this is a great time saver with everything pre-screened. Plus Gube’s developers plan to organize the videos by subject matter in future updates; for now, remember: search and star. – Pilar

Get Gube for iPhone and iPad for $3.99 on iTunes