If you’ve been thinking about grabbing one of the awesome Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth speakers but haven’t quite pulled the trigger, now there might be one very big new reason to get one. Which is very small.

Proving bigger isn’t always better, the Jawbone Jambox Mini speaker is the perfect size to tuck into your jeans pocket or handbag to take along with you. Or, set it on your kitchen counter or office desk and you won’t have to worry about clearing off a big area to make room. While the Mini is definitely lighter and thinner than other speakers in the Jawbone family, the audio that impressed us so much in 2011 still sounds mighty fine.

Jawbone Jambox Mini speakers | Cool Mom Tech

Check out the cool new colors and designs, and grab one of these sweet little portable speakers for yourself. Just get ready to field a lot of questions when you pull it out in from of your friends. Trust us. –Christina

Visit Jawbone to check out new colors and styles of the Jawbone Jambox Mini