I don’t know how moms manage to get their custom, meticulously created scrapbook baby books completed when they have little kiddos at home. I mean, it’s hard enough for me to get dinner on the table sometimes. And that’s exactly what the mom and dad creators of the Baby Book app from CanDoBaby (iOS only) thought too when they devised an easy-to-use baby book app that helps you to chart your baby’s milestones with photos, so you can easily build a photo book and save all these great memories. All from your iPhone and with very little effort.


Can Do Baby Baby Book app review at Cool Mom Tech

What’s interesting about this, compared with other baby book apps we’ve seen is that it’s organized by baby’s milestones. You can set up profiles for different kids, and scroll through a series of pre-set milestones by age, choose one, then add a picture to go with it. And if First Game of Thrones marathon with Mommy and Daddy isn’t in there, you can add it yourself.  But don’t freak out if your child isn’t proficient at every milestone in his age bracket. It’s just a baby book app, not your pediatrician.

And anyway most pediatricians that we know say that children can’t sit through the whole Red Wedding episode until they’re at least 9 months.

Ultimately this is a great app for busy parents of little, little ones. Think, babies. The focus is completely on those milestones for those of you still describing your child’s age in months, not years. So if you’re in the mode of celebrating first smiles, first steps, and all the other firsts, you’ll enjoy this app. One drawback: you have to be sure to keep up with them in the moment, because it’s kind of a pain to take the time to go back and assign photos to the milestones retroactively. Which, of course, is why my kids’ traditional baby books are full of empty pages.

I do like that the app will calculate your child’s exact age at that moment the photo was taken and add it to the milestone. That way, if it’s a few weeks later when you finally get around to adding the photo to the milestone, the app can use the photo meta data to help you out. That way should you print an actual book (which you can do) and it’s filled with your captions and exact dates as opposed to “um, around 11 months-ish” as I would write, you’ll be pretty happy.

CanDoBaby BabyBook app prints to a real book

One more thing I have to point out though is that there’s very little customization enabled here. The template and layout does look nice, though it’s not very flexible. So if you’re a scrapbooking design maven looking for a baby book app you can really personalize, this isn’t the app for you. But if you’re crazy busy and want an easy way to keep up with your baby’s milestones for a great price then, you’re welcome.

Download the CanDoBaby! Baby Book app for iPhones for free with printed books starting at $25. Fingers crossed that they’ll come out with Android and iPad too.

EDITED TO ADD: We’ve removed the links to the iTunes store because this app is temporarily not available. Please see the Baby Book Kickstarter page for more information!

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