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3 new breastfeeding apps that could make nursing a whole lot easier for new moms.

Just because breastfeeding is a natural process, it isn’t necessarily all blissed out bonding time. But luckily, we live in a time where there are tons of tech to help nursing moms, like these 3 new breastfeeding apps that caught our attention. Related: Doctor on Demand app: A smart way to get help with breastfeeding issues and more.   Mamava Think of the Mamava app like Waze, except instead of crowdsourcing info to help you navigate around a gnarly traffic jam, it uses data to help you navigate the world as a nursing mom. Mamava registers the location of...

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Doctor on Demand app: A smart way to get help for breastfeeding issues and more.

The trend of online doctor visit apps is definitely reaching critical mass as people learn it’s a great way to get professional advice and even subscriptions without the hassle of making appointments or schlepping out the door. And now we’re starting to see them drill down to give you access specialties, like the new Doctor on Demand app, which includes board-certified lactation consultants. Becoming a mom for the first time brings with it a whole host of new skills you have to learn, and at the top of my list for most frustrating was breastfeeding. My trips to meet with a lactation consultant were so...

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Four great breastfeeding apps for all you nursing mamas out there

As we hit the middle of National Breastfeeding Month, we thought it fitting to pull together a list of useful apps that will help you nursing moms keep track of those feedings, after feedings (after feedings). Ah yes, I remember those days very well. There were days when all I felt I did was nurse. I just wish I had any of these four nursing apps to help me back in the day. It would’ve given me something to look at during all the hours I was bound to that armchair. -Jeana  Out and about and need to find a...

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Ever nursed in a public restroom? Then you’ll want this app.

If you’ve ever tried to hold a baby on your lap and change their diaper or breastfeed all from the oh-so inconvenient, uncomfortable, and unsanitary stall of a public bathroom, then this app is for you. Traveling with babies–or doing holiday shopping with them in tow–is anything but predicable and you never know when an unplanned blowout or baby meltdown will require a change or feed on-the-go. Based upon your current location, the Speedy Tot app lets you know about areas close by that have high chairs, changing stations or even a place to sit and breastfeed or give your...

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