Just because breastfeeding is a natural process, it isn’t necessarily all blissed out bonding time. But luckily, we live in a time where there are tons of tech to help nursing moms, like these 3 new breastfeeding apps that caught our attention.
New breastfeeding apps for nursing moms: Mamava

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Think of the Mamava app like Waze, except instead of crowdsourcing info to help you navigate around a gnarly traffic jam, it uses data to help you navigate the world as a nursing mom. Mamava registers the location of their awesome nursing suites and lets users add their own pins wherever they find a designated lactation room–or any comfy, private spot you can commandeer for that purpose. An app that lets nursing mom help other nursing moms? We’re sold. (Free, iOS and Android)

New breastfeeding apps for nursing moms: Milk Stash

Milk Stash

Pumping is already no day at the park for many breastfeeding mamas, but Milk Stash helps make the organizing part of it a whole lot easier. This app keeps an inventory of bottles in the fridge and freezer, as well as printable labels and even a barcode scanner so you can keep the dates straight. No more crying over spoiled or lost milk. Yay! (Free, iOS)

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New breastfeeding apps for nursing moms: Momseze


I know first hand how helpful a lactation specialist was for me, but even with several consultations with a lactation specialist before I left the hospital, I still needed help in the following weeks. Momseze gets this, and so they offer 24/7 support from certified lactation specialists via phone, text, or video chat. I love that the specialists can see you and your baby, because engorgement-fixing tricks like “reverse pressure softening” are hard to explain over the phone. It’s $40 per consultation, or $129 for an unlimited one-month subscription, but if anytime-access is important to you, it might be totally worth it. (Free, iOS and Android, but charges apply for consultations)