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The new Girl Scout STEM badges: Engineering, computer science, and robotics, oh my!

When I was a drop-out Brownie some 30-ahem years ago, my troop worked on badges like Basketry and Arts & Crafts. But now I’m kind of wishing I could go back and do it all over again because this fall, the Girl Scout organization has announced a new collection of badges for girls of all ages, all focusing on STEM. From long-term curricula that focuses on engineering, computer science, and the outdoors, to smaller-level badges that introduce robotics and mechanical engineering to girls as young as kindergarten, these are the real deal. Seriously, Girl Scouts has come a long...

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The best solar eclipse glasses for your family, in every price range. Because you like your retinas.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re geeking out over the total solar eclipse that’s coming on August 21. Where you live will determine what you see, but here in Nashville, viewing will be at a premium with almost 3 minutes of darkness in the middle of the day. So, I’ve been checking into which solar eclipse glasses are right for my family. Because we like our retinas. Ha. So, we found some great solar eclipse glasses in every price range, so you can watch safely with your kids too. CMT is an rstyle affiliate Related: 5 expert tips for...

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5 expert tips for watching the total solar eclipse with kids

In less than 2 months (or August 21, 2017 to be exact), the total solar eclipse will hit our sky, and let’s just say we’re pretty excited. If you’ve got the date marked on your calendar (or wondering if you should), check out these tips from our guest Mark Bender, who’s been hunting eclipses since 1999, chasing them from Norway to Australia. He’s sharing 5 tips to watch the solar eclipse like a pro, so get ready for quite a show. 1. Make it educational. Considering the last eclipse like this one happened 99 years ago, talk to your...

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9 of the best educational YouTube channels for teens and tweens to help keep brains sharp this summer

There are so many cool educational channels on YouTube for tweens and teens, but I don’t think that a lot of parents think to open our YouTube app when we look for educational resources for our kids. But we should. Let’s put it this way: when I ask my kids if they want to watch a show, all hands reach for tablets. I’m always saying, “hey! I mean, on the TV! Together!” But the truth is, the videos on YouTube (and similar sites) are just how kids consume media these days. So why not blend entertainment and education when it comes to video watching? I find...

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Learn how to code your own app for free, thanks to Apple.

In this fast-paced age of technology, coding skills are pretty valuable, whether you’re looking to change careers yourself, or you’ve got a teen looking ahead to college and beyond. Well, a new option just came available to you thanks to Apple, and even better, it’s completely free. Related: Turn screen time into educational time with these online coding camps Just this week, Apple launched an App Development Curriculum, which is a full-year course designed by Apple engineers and educators that will teach students how to design apps using Swift. They’ll learning coding and designing, as well as software development...

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The free Lab4U apps are like having a science lab right in your smart phone

For those of you with budding scientists at home, the Lab4U app collection lets kids conduct real science experiments with just their phone. No WIFI required! The collection currently features two apps, Lab4Physics app and Lab4Chemistry, both of which use the sensors on your phone (in the camera, speakers, and other hardware) to measure variables like speed, velocity, sound waves, gravity or even to calculate the concentrations of chemical solutions. To be clear, these apps aren’t educational games. They actually transform your smartphone into the scientific instruments needed to perform real experiments, with step-by-step instructions on how to complete them. Once you record your data and the results...

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7 smart, cool coding books for kids that have us saying, “Go get on your screens!”

After seeing what Kristen’s kids did with Bitsbox, a cool coding subscription box for kids we featured awhile ago (and who was a sponsor over the holidays), my kids are now obsessed with the idea of creating their own apps. In fact, it’s piqued their interest in all things STEM, so I’ve been looking for some cool coding books for kids that might take them to the next level. Whether your kid wants to learn coding concepts in general, or is more excited about completing a specific DIY project with their new coding skills, these books will likely keep their interest going strong....

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Calling all STEM lovers: Here’s how to get free storytelling lessons for kids from Khan Academy and Pixar.

Well this is cool, parents! Khan Academy is partnering with Disney and Pixar to offer free online classes in storytelling for kids of all ages to show them how STEM helps make movies. The initiative is called Pixar in a Box, and we’re pretty sure it’s going to get kids thinking outside the box. Or Inside Out of the box? Heh. The videos walk you through the Pixar studios while actual Pixar employees talk about how ideas become art become movies. We meet the real people behind our favorite stories and learn where Pixar had challenges–which is great for my kids to see, because...

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Let kids choose their own STEM adventure with the Electric Motors Catalyst box.

If you’re a regular Cool Mom Tech reader, then you know we love STEM-oriented toys for children, especially if they’re so fun and challenging that kids don’t notice they’re educational, like the new Electric Motors Catalyst box. Unlike some of the kits and subscription boxes I’ve seen, this box doesn’t come with an instruction booklet. Just 10 challenge cards asking kids to make “a device that can scramble an egg” or a gadget that can “draw a curvy line.” How they accomplish these goals is totally up to them. Cool, right? Related: Meet STEM Club: The new STEM gift subscription for kids from Amazon.  The...

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