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Web Coolness: Skip those Facebook quizzes, headphones on fire, and where to find a darn Nintendo Switch

Here are some of our favorite tech links from this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.   We need this unicorn charger in our life! Here’s why you might want to avoid doing those Facebook quizzes. Yikes. Where to find a Nintendo Switch in stock. This projector turns any surface into a touchscreen. Why it’s so important to make a note of your passwords. Are teens replacing drugs with smart phones? Neil DeGrasse Tyson leggings! 6 quick tips to help your computer run faster. Well this is scary: A woman’s headphones caught on fire...

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Web Coolness: A beautiful David Bowie tribute, Amazon drones, and the worst passwords of 2015

Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you like them too.   A fantastic geeky tribute to David Bowie: His own constellation. Great news: Girls Who Code is giving 1 million dollars in scholarship money to girls in need. Here come the Amazon drones, delivering your goodies! Whoa. If you’re on Instagram and post photos of your kids, you’ll want to check this out.   Scented Candy Crush smart phone cases. Yay or ew? The worst passwords of 2015. If any of yours are on this list, change them now. A new...

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Web Coolness: Worst passwords of 2014, big Microsoft Windows 10 news, and Surprise face

Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.   If you tend to get distracted working on a computer or laptop these days, you need to see the Hemingwrite. (via swiss miss) Now here’s an inspiring story: This 13-year old boy started a silicon valley company that helps kids with visual impairments. And on the other side of the age spectrum, we love this piece about a 90-year old woman who’s designing tech to help improve the quality life of the elderly. Here are the worst...

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Web Coolness: Starbucks delivery, new Star Wars movie subtitle released, and Facebook hacks

Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.   These DIY emoji balloons make us smile. Speaking of which, finally! Diverse emojis! Starbucks is launching a delivery app. See when to expect that latte at your door. Over on Techlicious, 10 Facebook hacks you probably didn’t know about. Cool! And the subtitle of the new Star Wars movie is… Why our editor Kristen is done with dating apps. What happens to your social media accounts after you die? Such an important issue. Good read: With all the...

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Master Lock 1500eDBX: Definitely not the padlock you remember from your school days

Junior high was the only time I used my school-appointed locker and half the time I could never even remember my padlock combination to get to my Trapper Keeper and magnetic mirror. Oh right, and my textbooks. If I only I had a digital padlock like the Master Lock 1500eDBX back in the day. Instead of having to wrack your brain for what combo of your birthday, address and phone number you created as the unlock code, the super high tech lock features a digital code that simply requires a series of directions. Up, left, up, right, down, up, click! If arrows aren’t...

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5 of our favorite tech pins on Pinterest this week

Are you as obsessed with Pinterest as we are? Follow us! Then check out these 5 awesome tech pins, plus lots more techie coolness from our site and around the web.   1. How to make the strongest passwords that you’ll actually remember. 2. What a cool DIY photo recipe book idea. So cool. 3. A cool cool puzzle app that’s as pretty as it is fun. 4. Your kids won’t need training wheels with this awesome bike. 5. An adorable camera that’s pretty in pink. How could we resist?  ...

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How to make strong passwords and protect them. Once more, for posterity

In light of this week’s breaking news story about a massive security breach in which more than a billion (eek) passwords from close to a half-million websites are now in the hands of a Russian hacker ring, it’s time for a refresher on how to make strong passwords. . We covered 5 simple tips for making strong passwords a couple years back during the big Zappos security breach–the one that now looks like a little “oopsie” compared with this one. They bear repeating, so here they are: 1. Change your passwords. Now. As for which passwords to change? Let’s go ahead and say all of them....

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Web coolness: Geeky Father’s Day cards, Snapchat news, and Star Wars doughnuts

Here are a few of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.   Love this fun, printable geeky Father’s Day card you can still download before Sunday. This printable card for a tech dad is sweet too. Big hacks of Tweetdeck, Evernote, and Feedly this week. Here are some smart tips for making strong passwords. Do you talk to your tech? An interesting discussion (check the comments) about using the voice commands on your gadgets. Huge news to super Mario fans: Your dream is about to come true. So fun...

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Web Coolness: Star Wars macarons, eBay password breach, and more

Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did.   Star Wars macarons recipe. Need we say more? We are loving the endless t-shirt trend. It might be because Ryan Gosling is involved. Can you blame us? Headed out of town for Memorial Day weekend? You’ll want to check out these 9 Google Maps tips you might not know about. Download art for free thanks to the Met Museum. This is awesome.   So cool: The most popular non-English non-Spanish language in every...

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Can my WiFi baby monitor be hacked by predators? Reader Q+A

For the last year or so, erroneous reports of “hacked” baby monitor systems that are WiFi enabled have been perpetuated by the media–and trickled down to our readers, who understandably email us to ask about the potential of danger with WiFi baby monitors like the D-Link Baby Camera (above) or the Angelcare AC1200 baby monitor. Of course we wouldn’t recommend them if we thought they were wildly unsafe–though whether you need a video monitor or not is entirely up to you. Also, we don’t blame parents at all for being freaked out of the idea of a stranger virtually in your...

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