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Thanks to Facebook Townhall, you can now contact your congresspeople through… Facebook

We just featured 3 political apps that can help you make your voice heard, but now it can be as easy as hopping on Facebook, thanks to their new Townhall feature. To use this feature, you’ll need to be logged in on Facebook, then head over to the Townhall page (or look for Townhall in the menu of your Facebook mobile app) which will populate with your state representatives, giving you the option to contact and/or follow them. If you input your street address, which Facebook says they do not share or list publicly, you’ll get a list of your local congresspeople as...

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We found 3 of the best political apps that make it easy to have your voice heard

It’s amazing to see just how quickly some fantastic app developers have created political apps to help more people get involved in the political process, connect to your elected representatives, and make a difference, one voter at a time. The truth is, signing petitions or form letters may make you feel good (especially when you share the info on Facebook), but they’re about the lowest impact action you can take. Some petitions are actually little more than fundraising efforts for organizations or even politicians. The most effective thing you can do to register concerns is to show up in person at meetings or town...

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71 of the best science, environment and climate accounts to follow on Twitter, from federal orgs to rogue scientists

For the last week, I have wanted to put together a list of the best science accounts on Twitter focusing in particular on climate and the environment. But wow, there are so many good ones, that it’s like I couldn’t stop. In fact, there’s no way I could have listed them all. So I hope you’ll see this well-considered list, which ranges from federal organizations to non-profits, individual scientists, environmental and climate advocates, and even rogue or “alternative” Federal agency accounts, a terrific place to start. Particularly if you’re a fan of facts. (Me? I’m a big fan of facts. Just speaking for myself...

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