We’ve only had our iPad for a week now, and already my homeschooled daughter and I are reaping the benefits thanks to so many of the cool, educational games we’ve discovered. Some of which, like Math Bingo, can be a fantastic addition to what can be a pretty one dimensional curriculum.

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Homeschooler or not, I’m finding Math Bingo to be a creative and interactive way to help your kids enjoy doing math drills. Once your kiddo enters her name and chooses an avatar, level, and skill, she’s asked to complete simple (or challenging) math equations. Answers are scattered around a Bingo board, with correct ones marked with a “Bingo Bug.” And yes, you guessed it — five in row scores them a BINGO! earning them a Bingo Bug or two depending on speed.

Kids can use the odd looking bugs to play a fun mini game or shake and move around in their “cage” — something my almost four year-old son is now completely obsessed with.

I love that my daughter is adequately challenged, and even while a little frustrated by the easy level, she remains extremely motivated to earn those darn bugs. And best of all, this $.99 game really keeps her entertained, all while she’s doing the very math work she dreads on a daily basis. Bingo! -Kristen