Since I finally (finally!) got my beloved iPhone, I’ve been reluctant to share with my kiddos. It’s not like they don’t have umpteen other opportunities to get their allotted screen time. But when I got a peek at the new ebook app for Sandra Boynton’s classic The Going to Bed Book, I practically screeched at my kids to come see what was on my iPhone.

The The Going to Bed Book for iPhone ebook is so stinking cute that I just want to read it over and over, whether I’ve got a lap full of kids or not.

The narration by Billy J. Kramer is spot on, quiet and soothing, or let your kiddos read it aloud themselves. Or touch each individual word to hear Billy read them one at a time. (I can’t help it; I love his voice.) Plus, it seems like we discover an adorable new character animation with every trip through the virtual pages. The words and graphics are kind of teeny on my iPhone, but I bet they’d look fabulous on an iPad.

Of course, we’re devoted Boynton fans at our house already, and I’ve got a soft spot for actual, physical books. But our board book copy of The Going to Bed Book has been gnawed enthusiastically by three children, so I can certainly see the merit in this sweet ebook version. I just hope I never find toothmarks on my iPhone. -Julie

Get your own ebook copy of The Going to Bed Book on iTunes–available for iPhone or iPad

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