If you made my kids narrow down to the two things they think are really cool about technology, they’d come up with: 1. Making really goofy videos of themselves, and 2. Angry Birds. Yeah, I’d have to agree, though I bet I have more people who will join me on their second point.

I know I’m not alone in my excitement over finding these cool Angry Birds things off the screen too.

Angry Birds Plush

The new Angry Bird Plush Toys are so cute, even I have wavered in my “no more stuffed animals” rule. After all, how many other plush toys are not content to just sit on the bed, but practically demand to be thrown at block towers, all while making little noise when they’re squeezed. And, yes, they have pigs too.

Very Displeased Birds Masks

My son would flip over an Angry Birds-themed birthday party, and I think his partygoers would all enjoy a little role-playing with Mahalo’s Very Displeased Birds masks. (Get it?) I  just need to make sure my kids don’t start launching each other around the house. This set is sold, but convo the shop to inquire about a custom order.

Angry Birds Cake Toppers

Speaking of birthday parties, Artisan Cake Company’s unbelievable and edible Angry Bird Cake Toppers will provide the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Angry Bird Cases

Angry Birds may have already taken over your iPhone, you might as well make their domination complete and give them the iPhone case too. Yes, an Angry Birds iPhone case. It was only a matter of time.   –Christina

Check out our April Fool’s Post for one Angry Birds product that will make you laugh–and don’t be surprised if you see it someday in your grocery.