If you haven’t yet figured out that it’s April Fool’s Day (meaning you’re still angry at us for this post), it’s a great time to catch up on practical jokes going around the geeky world.

An annual favorite: The awesome shop Think Geek, which runs a bunch of fake products every April 1. And then–remarkably–some of them actually get turned into real products. Check out this video for a new Playmobil Apple Store play set, complete with hipsters waiting on line all night. Or the Star Wars Light saber Popsicles which, hello? Why are these not out yet?

May the force be strawberry.

Of course I know which product Kristen would vote for–the Angry Birds Pork Rinds. Made out of green pigs, of course –Liz

Visit Think Geek today and Bill Gates will send you $50 for every click.

Also visit this great post on Tech Crunch featuring some of the best April Fool’s jokes of 2011.