As someone who worked with families affected by Autism, I know how much research and awareness is still needed. So aside from donning blue today, I’m doing what I can to contribute to the second annual Light it Up Blue campaign to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day.

Light it Up Blue app

Starting last night and going all day today, over 500 structures in 120 US cities and 25 countries will be let up blue, including the Empire State Building, the STAPLES Center, even the Sydney Opera House. Awesome, right?

You can participate as well with the free Light It Up Blue app for the iPhone, that allows you to take photos and light them up blue with five different frames. Then you can submit them to the official photo stream, turn your Twitter avatar blue, or send them to your friends as a friendly reminder. I might just upload mine to my Facebook page.

I love being able to show my support, even if it’s in this very small way. And I especially love how it gets my kids involved too. It’s never too early for that. -Kristen

Download the free Light it Up Blue App at

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