Now that we moms can practically run our lives from the palms of our hands, three of the best mom-focused apps have come together to do something nice for us for Mother’s Day–help keep us a little more organized.

The free Mother’s Day App Bundle includes three of our favorite apps, each of which will leave you wondering what you ever did without one of them, let alone all of them.

Cozi, which our Editor-in-Chief Liz just raved about on CBS The Early Show, is one of my personal all-time favorites. I use it to organize my entire family’s schedule, keep track of to-do lists, create shopping lists (and then text it to my husband) and a lot more.

Instant Playdates is like Foursquare for grown-ups, and allows you to instantly set up flash playdates with your friends and their kids. It was created by fellow mom blogger, Colleen Padilla of Classy Mommy.

Life360 uses location-based technology that will show you exactly where your kids are and make sure that they’re in a safe environment. A GPS for your teen? Smart.

Normally these would be a few bucks a piece, but now through May 8th you can download them all for free. Think of it as a Mother’s Day gift you give yourself. Although hopefully, you’ll get the breakfast in bed too. -Betsy

Download the free Mother’s Day App Bundle for Androids and iPhones right here.