Having just gotten my first iPad a few days ago, I have to hold myself back from loading up on every single app that looks entertaining. But I couldn’t resist trying out one new free app that puts the perfect spin on playtime, and it is too fun to not toss it your way.

Frisbee Forever won’t win any points for teaching your kids to read or multiply, but it’s still a great way to knock off a few minutes while waiting for a doctor’s appointment or killing time inside on a rainy Saturday. Like Angry Birds, this is one game you may find you’re playing as much as the kids.

With just a flick of the finger, Frisbee Forever has me sending a frisbee sailing through the air much straighter than I can on dry land; but this is more than just a toss-the-disc game. By tilting your iPad back and forth, you steer the disc through a series of hoops and loop-de-loops and away from things like trees. There are also touch controls if you’d rather not be seen tilting your iPad or iPhone in public like a person possessed, but I found the tilt controls to be way too much fun and more intuitive.

Another thing that keeps my kids and I entertained are the different, super-colorful cartoony scenes. If I could get past the first section, I could tell you what happens when you get to the point of winning trophies or new Wham-O frisbees in your online world. But as in the real life game, in Frisbee Forever, I am not the ultimate. -Christina

Grab the free Frisbee Forever app for your iPhone or iPad.