Happy Memorial Day everyone! For the fashion-minded, this means that it’s time to break out the white.

Whether or not you look good in white pants (I can only speak for myself) I think we can all brighten up our tech wardrobe. So in celebration of the official start of summer, here are some our favorite white tech gadgets. –Jeana

iPhone 4

At long last, the white iPhone 4 is now available. Who knows why it took so long for the white version to come along, but now you can be resplendent in summer white and have a matching phone to boot.

White Kindle


A new version of the original e-reader was recently announced called Kindle with Special Offers. If you’re willing to accept ads on your e-reader you can save $25. Honestly? For an extra $25 we suggest sticking with the original Kindle.

White Speakal pig speaker

Speakal pig

With BBQs and summer get-togethers on the horizon, you need a high quality speaker to blast out those tunes into the backyard. This Speakal pig speaker is not only adorable, it’s hard to believe such a big sound comes out of such a small piggy.

Bagis Earphones

Bagis earphones

Forget those sparkly, plaid, or otherwise over-adorned earbuds. Stick with some pretty white Bagis earphones for the residents of the backseat to make those long summer road trips to grandma’s house less torturous.

jabra stone bluetooth

Jabra Stone Bluetooth

If you plan to spend summer weekends in the car,  be sure to travel safely with a bluetooth device like the Jabra Stone. It’s very easy to set up and very comfy to wear, so should you need to chat while you’re driving you can keep those hands at 10 and 2 at the same time. -Jeana