Since discovering Instagram a few months ago, I’ve used my photos to make everything from a Keepsy book to an Instagram screensaver, plus a few other special gifts – like some pretty awesome photo coasters for my mom for Mother’s Day. So when I saw the idea of turning them into magnets on Design Mom, even this crafty-challenged mama’s interest was piqued.

Because Instagram photos are fairly low resolution, shrinking them down actually works quite well. Now if you want them to look like actual Polaroid photos, you’ll need to download a Polaroid frame and use the help of Photoshop. But if you don’t have mad Photoshopping skills like me, fear not. They’ll still look fab without the Polaroid frame, promise.

Once you’ve shrunk down your photos, print them out and attach them to a cardboard backing. Protect them with some clear masking or packing tape, then cut them out. To finish them off, attach a magnet (or a hot glue a pin if you want to wear them), and you’ve got a bunch of adorable little gifts. Take that, Martha Stewart! -Kristen

You can see the full tutorial for tiny polaroid magnets at Ambrosia Girl.

[thanks Gabby!]