I’m having absolutely no trouble diving into the bright color trend this fall, sporting a bright red cross-body bag, purple jeans, and my fabulous new green pumps. (Not all at the same time, mind you.) So it’s probably no surprise that I’m coveting the designer iPad cases from Ceccec Designs that fit perfectly with my penchant for zippy jewel tones.

The gorgeous orange croc leather Madrugada iPad clutch is way more than a mere sleeve, featuring handy pockets with room inside for your credit cards and cash, and on the outside, your ear buds and maybe a stylus. Plus, the front cover dent allows you to watch videos with your iPad still encased in the clutch. Smart!

And if you’re looking for something to tote your iPhone (a new iPhone 4S, perhaps? That just arrived today perhaps?) around with you, especially for an evening out, the Anna iPhone wallet case is so stylish. It’s designed–and priced–like the fabulous fall accessory it is.  -Kristen

Purchase the Madrugada iPad clutch and the Anna wristlet at Ceccec Designs.

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