Web MD Baby App
Update: The WebMD app is now available for the Android platform too!

first baby was born about one week before the first iPhone. The phone was a
lifesaver; she was was one of those
won’t-rest-anywhere-EVER-but-on-your-chest types and I was in need
of things I could do that didn’t involve… moving. Or sleeping. With my
new gadget, I spent hours Googling–she was also more than a month
early, and I was kind of unclear on what was “normal.”

To say that the new–free!–WebMD Baby app would have saved me hours of sleeplessness is an understatement. But, oh how glad am I that it exists now.

WebMD as we all know (hypochondriacs or otherwise) is a trusted, reliable source for medical info. With the new WebMD Baby, just launched yesterday, they
put all that good info into one easily-accessible place. You can read
hundreds of articles and watch hundreds of video) by actual doctors
about your baby’s development, but there are also great features just meant for an app–you can manage your baby’s eating, sleeping, and
diaper-changing schedules, keep a growth chart, and upload photos and videos to create a baby
record book.

WebMD Baby app
It’s seriously like 10 baby apps in one. And the search function is quite simple–nice for us sleep deprived new moms.

While I missed out on this app
with baby number one, baby number two is here. And even though he’s a
sleep-just-anywhere-kind of dude, it’s such a relief to know that I can
just click on my iPod or iPhone to see what’s going on with his
development. Or preserve photos of him sleeping just anywhere. -Lexi

Get the lowdown on your babe with the free WebMD Baby app available at the iTunes store and now at Google Play for Android phones.

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