Now that you Android users can enjoy an Instagram obsession like me, the next thing you’ll find yourself wanting to do is to display your photos on something other than your smart phone screen. So aside from all the cool ways you can print Instagram photos, now you can turn them into a pillow.

Started by a brother and sister team, Stitchtagram will take your favorite Instagram photos and turn them into a cool throw pillow. Choose 4 or 25 photos from your account or even your friends’ (with their permission of course), and they’ll whip them up by hand into an awesome pillow.

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Custom Instagram pillows from Stitchtagram are cool, crafty Valentine's Day gifts

It’s way more fun than a photo album. And much more comfortable to sit on.

Stitchtagram pillow are available on their website. And for more cool things to do with your Instagram photos, check out our Pinterest board!