Brain Quest app for kidsWhen we go on long car rides, I like to pack a bag of activities of things that keep the kids occupied for as long as possible before they resort to the eventual “are we therrrrrre yet?” One of the things I always throw in is our set of Brain Quest flashcards which offer questions for kids about everything from logic to vocabulary to math. And now I’m excited to see this cool educational company has got a mobile app as well.

We are going on a little road trip in a couple weeks and the Brain Quest app will
be on our iPad for sure. There are five sets of games available within
the app for grades 1-5 and within each grade set, there are 84 free
questions that you can answer for topics like history, math, science and

There is cute animation in the app as well as a
reassuring “ding” sound effect when you get an answer right. Kids who
are older can play completely independently, but you may have to help your first grader read some of the questions, especially because you need to answer them within the time limit to move to the next level.

Brain Quest kids' educational app for iPad

If your older kids are playing by themselves, just be
aware that there are additional packs of questions that can be purchased
within the app–set the rules before you hand over your iPad!

Brain Quest is a great way to pass the time when you’re on the road (or
in the air, on a train, or bus) and sure beats the license plate game. -Jeana 

Brain Quest app is available for free from iTunes and for $2.99 for each grade pack for Nook Color.