Find cool podcasts with the Apple Podcast appWith the plethora of app offerings these days, I had all but forgotten the trusty podcast; the non-streaming, no frills audio and video sessions that are there for you whenever the mood strikes; whether in the air, below ground or at your desk.

Thankfully Apple introduced their own Podcast app to help sort through the hordes of free podcasts–a satisfying selection of tasty morsels for you and the kids to pick from.

You’ll find thousands of selections like my own favorites This American Life, the widely
regarded (by my husband) WTF with Marc Maron and Bill Maher to popular
kid/family options like Sesame Street, the Muppet Cast and time filling
storytelling apps like Old Time Radio Adventures.

There are also cool
indie offerings that are great to see in there, like our family’s
favorite radio show, Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, woot!

Did I
mention it’s super easy to navigate? Skip through the top picks or go by
subject to find your flavor. Once you find something you love simply
click subscribe and the next episodes will automatically download, like a
mini mobile DVR.  Don’t you just love the future? – Stephanie M

Download the Apple Podcast app in the Apple store for free and browse the library for your top picks for the whole family.