Last week we introduced you to our 3 Springpad Notebooks You’re Going to Love series, which included some of the notebooks I think are inspiring, useful, and just plain cool. This week we’re back with three more notebooks that you’ll totally want to follow on this incredibly powerful–and free–website.

The thing about Springpad: The more you get into it, the more you love it. -Liz

Best Android Tablet Apps by khouryt

Safe in Cloud Password Manager for Android

Knowing first-hand how hard it is to find wonderful Android apps that are great across platforms and live up to our standards, a notebook we find super helpful is this one from a passionate, self-confessed geek. It’s not surprising to find mainstays like Trip Advisor or Pinterest on there, but there’s also some exciting finds like the Safe In Cloud Password Manager, or Lens Alchemy which looks amazing for those photographers on the go.

Classic Movies by oscarwd

Coolest Springpad Notebooks: Classic Movies

Singin' in the Rain info on Springpad

If you’re like me, you’ve got a growing list of movies you have to see at some point in your life and a lot of them are the classics. This is a great place to start–from To Kill a Mockingbird and The Great Escape, to less common suggestions like Bogart’s Barefoot Contessa. But it’s not just suggestions; click on Singin’ in the Rain and you’ll find the notebook contains movie info, ratings, 2 YouTube video scenes, and even links to add directly to your Netflix queue (!!) or buy right on iTunes or Amazon from the notebook.  Wow. I hope he keeps adding to it, because this is a great resource.

Gluten-Free Dinner by Debra Winke

Coolest Springpad Notebooks: Gluten-free recipes

Gluten-free recipes on Springpad

More and more I’m realizing Springpad is a brilliant way to manage online recipes you want to make. You have the ability to add recipe notes, link to wine pairings, get notes from other cooks, or link to online ingredient resources all right in the same place.

This recipe collection ranges from Jalapeno-Cheddar Spoon Bread (really!) to all kinds of entrees and yummy salads. And it’s nice to know that most of her springs have multiple pics so you can get a sense of the recipe before you bother clicking; but when you do, every link actually goes to the direct, original recipe source. It drives me crazy to click on recipes links on other sites that turn out to just be pretty pictures found through an image search.

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