Each week as part of our ongoing 3 Springpad Notebooks that you’re going to love series, we’re rounding up some of our favorite notebooks–some pretty, some practical–but all cool enough to catch our our attention and hopefully yours.

This week we’re sharing three more notebooks that we know you’ll want to follow on this fantastic, free website and mobile app. We bet you’ll be as amazed as we are at what you can do. -Kristen

Presents for Sophie by AllisonMorris

With the holidays around the corner, I love how Allison created a notebook that’s actually an interactive wish list for her niece. It’s so much easier that trying to decipher the scribbles and strike-outs on those paper lists from your kiddos. Plus, you can share it with friends and family who have asked for a little gift giving inspiration. What’s great is that the notebook has images as well as links to purchase. And you can keep it private so not everyone knows that your kiddo is dying for an iPod Touch.

Folk Rock Classics by Oscarwd

Coolest Springpad Notebooks: Folk Rock Classics

As much as I love to listen to music, I rarely have time to actually explore different genres other than what’s on regular rotation on our car radio. But all I had to do here was click a song choice in this smart notebook and I was able to listen to each one as well as see where I can download or purchase. And if Folk Rock isn’t your thing, he’s got a ton of different types of music notebooks, from punk to classical, that you can choose from.

Hostess Handbook by LeahPiper

Coolest Springpad Notebooks: Hostess Handbook

If you’re throwing a party in the near future, this notebook is all you will need to make sure it goes off without a hitch. You’ll find everything from cool recipes and helpful interactive checklists, to videos on party etiquette, even place setting diagrams, all organized and accessible to you in one handy place. Such a smart idea to create one for your own kid’s birthday party or Thanksgiving (yes, I used the “T” word) so you don’t have 400 paper lists floating around your house. Or is that just me?

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