Protect your iPhone 5 with an Angry Ninja!
While we love the OtterBox, maybe it needs a new name. I mean, can you really trust an adorable aquatic mammal to keep your special phone safe? I think what you really need is a ninja.

The Angry Ninja iPhone 5 Case from HoobyGroovy on Etsy is an adorably intimidating way to store and carry your phone. Handmade of thick felt, it includes a hook and loop closer that will keep your device from slipping out but won’t block headphones. It also has a pocket on back to hold cash or cards.

Find it in red, black, and an extra girly Ninja case in pink for your iPad. The shop’s homemade cases also include zombies, pandas, pigs, Super Mario characters and more.

We believe in ninja powers, but the jury’s still out on whether you should trust the panda. Pandas aren’t well known for their technological prowess. Fact. ~Delilah

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