We’re thrilled to be working with our newest sponsor, Plantronics, whose highly rated Bluetooth Headset, the Voyager Legend, helps conversations come together. Plus we get to give one away!

With the holiday season officially here, we all feel so lucky to be surrounded by friends and family–and even friends who become family. When the kids are home from school, the cousins are visiting, and we’re all looking for ways to enjoy each other’s company, the cool thing is that tech can really help bring us all together.

So we rounded up a few of our favorite ways we love spending time together with our families. Who knows–they just might become your newest annual traditions.

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Family Game Time 
When you finally agree on a board game, set up said board game, and then realize that 27 of the required 400 pieces are missing (not just our homes, right?) you’ve got another option.

Download amazing games right on your iPad or Android tablet. Monopoly (above) is a big family favorite around our house, as is Scrabble, both of which can accommodate up to four players. The best part: easy clean-up. Which means more time for hot chocolate making.

Family Sports Time

With video gaming consoles like Wii and Kinect for XBOX 360, you can play all sorts of awesome virtual sports that will actually have you burning calories too. Especially when the grass is frozen over in the backyard.

Family Sports Time: Kinect Sports Season Two

We love the new Kinect Sports Season 2. Or for something just as competitive, if less full-contact, try our all-time favorite, Just Dance 4 which is compatible with all three of the major gaming consoles and is a hit with all ages. And don’t forget to keep the video rolling!

Family Catch-up Time

For those of us with faraway friends and family, it’s definitely
hard when we can’t all be together in person. We love making time to
connect via Skype, Google+ Hangouts, or Facetime. It’s even smart to set a
time, so the kids can get excited for “Grandma time” at 6:30.

The truth
is, it doesn’t have to be complicated–you can even use the good old
phone (remember those?) with the help of a Bluetooth headset.

Plantronics Voyager Legend Headset

Plantronics Voyager Legend has
very smart features that can help bring
all aspects of your life together. There’s voice activation, automatic call
routing, even moisture protection (from eggnog perhaps?) which will make multi-tasking a lot
easier. Answer calls or if you’re busy, say playing that Monopoly game, ignore the call with just a voice command; no button pushing required–cool right? The other feature we look for as parents: noise cancellation. Meaning you can catch up while the kids are running around screaming in the
background on a candy cane high.

Family Movie Time

Thankfully, we no longer need to be limited to whatever holiday movie is airing on cable at that particular moment. Whether you’ve got Apple TV, a Roku, or a gaming system that can stream from Amazon Video or Netflix, you can gather around the TV to watch nearly any holiday movie you want, at any time.

Family Movie Time: Roku

And even better–no commercials. The only problem we’ve found is convincing our kids that those black and white movies really aren’t “boring” at all.

You can learn more about our sponsor Plantronics and their new Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset on their website, as well as by watching these helpful YouTube videos. We love the idea of togetherness, especially during the holiday season.

Congratulations to Elizabeth T!  She won our Plantronics contest and will be receiving a Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset.