As much as I love my Droid, I’ve always been a bit envious of the bright, cool iPhone cases I see everyone sporting. Why can’t we have so many pretty cases too? So I decided to take matters into my own hands and find fun cases for Android users that my iPhone-using friends would actually want.

Now keep in mind, most of the Android cases I found are for the popular Samsung Galaxy S3, with a few exceptions. But if you’ve got a different model, don’t fret; check out some of these shops we’ve found which have lots of different options for lots of different Android phones.

The Birdie Branch cover from Ted Baker London (at top) is simply gorgeous, and will turn your Samsung Galaxy S3 into quite a style statement. Surprise, they’re available at Nordstrom, so you can grab a case and a pair of shoes too. Heh.

Cruzerlite Persona cases for Android phones

If you’re a proud Android user, then you’ll dig the bold, bright patterns on the Persona Cases by Cruzerlite, all of which creatively incorporate the Android robot. Plus, they’re shock absorbent and made from anti-scratch material so your Samsung Galaxy S3 will stay safe and sound, all for under $15.

Masstige Color Point Diary case for Samsung Note 2

The diary cases are a popular option for Samsung Note 2 owners, but the Masstige Color Point Diary from Zenus is one of the nicest we’ve seen. I really like how it has room for credit cards and cash, so you could use it as a clutch or wallet if you don’t want to lug your entire bag with you.

Custom fit leather smartphone sleeves for Android phones

These amazing handmade leather smart phone sleeves featuring famous paintings like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and Degas’ “Star of the Ballet” can be custom made to fit your Samsung, HTC, or Droid. Such a great way to carry your smart phone if you’re not so into attaching a case to it.

Case-Mate Peacock case for Samsung Galaxy S3

This Peacock case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 from Case-mate, one of our favorite purveyors of cool smart phone cases, isn’t just a pretty face, er, case. The raised bevel on the sides helps give you screen protection, and the all-silicone material makes it easy to slip right over your phone. And while I’m not personally in love with the charm, I know lots of folks, including a few cool teens, who would freak over it.

Otterbox Defender case for Samsung Galaxy S3

It’s no secret that Otterbox makes some of the most protective cases out there, but it’s nice to see them in such bright colors, like this Purple Pop Defender case for you Samsung Galaxy S3 owners. They come complete with a belt clip holder and a kick stand, which is handy if you like to prop your phone up on the counter or your desk.

Speck Pixelskin case for HTC One V

For you HTC One V users, this brand new PixelSkin case from Cool Mom Tech favorite Speck Products is super slim while still giving a fair amount of protection. Plus, the smart grip means you won’t drop it as much. Hopefully. –Shari

Find more fun smart phone cases and cell accessories in the Cool Mom Tech archives. 

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