Is there a safe kids’ browser that I can put on my iPad or phone for my son? Or do I have to just find a way to block sites on Safari somehow? Thanks! -Ellen K

Ellen, we get the need for a safe kids browser for your devices! We also understand the perils of searching for “Elmo video” on YouTube. Let’s just say the results aren’t always Sesame Workshop approved.

That’s why I love the idea of this new kid-safe browser that’s great for both iOS and Android devices.

The Maxthon’s Kid-Safe Browser is what it sounds like: a safe kids’ browser in app form, for iPad and Android. It basically offers kids the flexibility to “search” for sites they love within the app after you’ve determined which ones are okay. You have to solve a tricky math problem to get to the password-setting part, and after that, you have free reign to add whichever URLs you want your kids to access. Each site is represented by a nice big icon, which makes it easy for kids to just tap and go; something we all know they’re innately good at.

One thing I noticed with the app, however, is that it’s easy to reset the password. If you’ve got grade-schoolers who are savvy with a calculator (and uh, mischievous that way), they could easily override your password and create a new one. However, given that this app is targeted towards younger kids with its cartoonish aesthetic, I don’t think it’s a particularly big concern. Still, they could beef up the protection a little bit with future updates.

Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser

It’s nice that you can add whichever URLs that you want to suit your own kid’s taste, but what else sold me on the app is that is comes pre-loaded on the Nabi 2, our favorite kids’ tablet.

I am puzzled as to why the app is $1.99 for Android yet free for iOS, but if you’re an Android user, two bucks is still worth it to ensure safe surfing for your kids when you’re not sitting there over their shoulders. -Jeana

The Maxthon’s Kid-Safe Browser app is available on iTunes and Google Play.