The other day I was cleaning out my daughter’s closet and I came across her baby book. About the first six months of her life were complete, but after that, it was pretty spotty. I will say that looking at digital baby book options available now, I bet I would’ve been able to get at least a year in if they had been available back then, and here’s one of them.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this app is no longer available. For other options, check out Tiny Beans or the Glow Baby App

Story of You is an app that makes chronicling your baby’s life super easy. It comes with built-in templates and fields that you simply have to fill in and it compiles the album for you page by page.

All the typical pages you’d find in a traditional book are covered, like a page about Daddy, Mommy, Grandparents, baby’s birth day, milestones, special moments and more. What’s cool is that you can also integrate photos and videos, to make it a completely immersive experience. That’s the good stuff.

The not-so-good stuff is the layout and how intuitive (or non-intuitive) the app is to use. It definitely takes fiddling and tapping the different icons to figure out how to input data and add pages. While the actual page templates offer different preset fields for you to just fill out, I wish there was a way to view all the pages simultaneously to pick and choose which you want to edit, without having to always go through the main menu or flipping through each one individually. It will also be nice when they add a printing functionality (which seems like is in the works).

Story of You | baby book creation on the iPad

The design templates that come free with the app are pretty plain–well, it is called the “Simplicity Theme.” Simple they are, just options of a blue, pink or light green background. If you care a little more about design or want something less cutesie, you can purchase more designs as an in-app purchase, with design packs ranging from $0.99 to $1.99 each.

Overall, Story of You is a nice way to record your baby’s memories, and if you’re consistent, you’ll, unlike me, be able to get past the six-month mark.

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