I can vaguely remember those new-mom days as a haze of me struggling to figure out how to juggle diapers, sleep schedules and pumping. The Glow Baby app (iOs and Android) simplifies all of that into one place, and it would have been great to have back then for me. But for you? Luckies.

New parents, I highly suggest you download this app now. It’s free, and it will truly help calm the craziness in your house.

It’s kind of like a baby book meets a baby tracker in the best possible way. At the top of your home screen, you’ll find the basics that fill up the days of any new parent: feeding, sleeping, and diapers. Glamorous, right? You can quickly tap the plus sign next to each category to add a new entry. Dirty diaper at 8:15 AM. Nap for 45 minutes at 9:30 AM. You can even start a timer as you breastfeed — one for each side — to help you remember how long and which side you fed from.

Way better than all the different note pads all over the house, keeping track of everything I could think of.

There’s also a tab in the Glow Baby app that covers less day-to-day stuff like rashes, runny noses, or medicine dosing. I found that even keeping track of my kid’s “general fussiness” — one of their actual options — helped me to put his crying jags in perspective when I was also sleep-deprived and convinced he had colic. (He didn’t.)

But with the Glow Baby app, I think parents will really like that it’s an easy way, right at your fingertips, to keep track of milestones like first smiles, first teeth, and playing peek-a-boo. By just tapping the dot next to the milestone and entering the date, you can keep track of all the stuff you think you’ll never forget — but oh, you will.



Track dirty diapers, sleep schedules and milestones with the Glow Baby app.

Yes, you can “style” the poo. Though the graphic interface beats looking for adjectives.


Add milestones -- as well as day-to-day baby info like feedings and naps -- to the Glow Baby app.

A visual compendium of daily schedules and week-by-week milestones. Nice.



Trust me, even though these newborn days are really hard while you’re in it, this you’ll look back and just remember the sweet moments thanks in part to the Glow Baby App.  Oh, and I remember hating people saying things to me like, “trust me…you’ll look back one day and blah blah blah.”

But it’s true. Mostly.

Download the Glow Baby app for free from iTunes or the Google Play store and get some sanity back into your schedule.