While Mimoco is known for their funky Mimobot flash drives featuring characters from Star Trek, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, Ugly Dolls and Marvel comics, I have to say I’m digging their latest offering just out today: Presidents.

Check out the new U.S. Presidents Flash Drives and tell me it doesn’t make total sense. Why the heck shouldn’t George Washington be entrusted with up to 128G of data? I mean, that guy never told a lie. And I think Honest Abe Lincoln will make a pretty stand-up data drive even when he’s horizontal in your USB port.

Each one comes preloaded with icon files, avatars, and wallpapers for your desktop or phone. Love this as an option for kids (and adults) who adore history.

I have to admit it would be awesomely subversive for them to come out with an ironic Nixon flash drive. I mean for file storage? Come on! Huge opportunity with the political humorists! –Liz

Hit Mimoco and find the new Mimobot U.S. Presidents Flash Drives