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If you’re looking for a way to get the kids up close and personal with the presidents this Presidents’ Day, check out a new app that will have them learning while they play. In fact, in just a short time, they’ll probably be teaching you a thing or two about our country’s many leaders.

THUD! Presidents Edition reminds me a bit of our favorite Stack the States. Answer questions about the presidents and, for each correct answer, you are challenged to drop the president onto a pedastal, without having him tumble off the side with a “thud.”

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Each round has you stacking more presidents onto the pedastal which can be pretty tricky. And with 30 rounds under two categories, “Brainy” or “Insaney”, there is a whole lot of game in this one app.

While it’s rated for ages 4+ and young kids can play this app by just guessing the correct answers, kids with some American History behind them will have the most fun answering the questions which range from “Everyone knows that!” to “Whoa, you must’ve been a history major.” I won’t reveal where I fall. -Christina

THUD! Presidents Edition is available of iOS for $2.99. There is also a free “lite” version though my son was annoyed by how often it asked if he wanted to upgrade to the full version, so our advice is to skip right to the full version. A version is supposed to be coming soon to Android Play.

And don’t miss two of our other favorite President apps, Disney American Presidents and Presidents vs. Aliens

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