red rover 3.0 | cool mom techWe’ve been big fans of the RedRover app since it first launched (and you heard it here first!), but let’s just say their 3.0 version is completely different, and honestly the best for parents yet. So much so, that once you’ve downloaded, you will truly wonder how you ever survived without it with kids. Don’t you love apps like that?

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Earlier versions of RedRover were all about inviting contacts from your existing networks to schedule playdates and meet-ups easily. However, the RedRover 3.0 is totally different. Well, the interface is still gorgeous and navigable, but now you can think of it like a Twitter feed but for family-friendly activities. And you can still invite friends.

Right from your iPhone–and soon Android phone–you have instant access to throngs of amazing activities, kid-friendly venues, playspaces and other events from top-tier cultural partners in New York and (big news!) starting today, Atlanta. Yay Atlanta!

Not an iPhone user? You can use it from the website as well.

RedRover app screenshot | cool mom tech

Don’t worry mamas, other cities are headed your way soon. (I know Jeana and Christina are pulling for Boston, and we’ve got a couple hands raised over here for San Francisco and L.A.)

Without sifting through the “adult” listings of more general city apps, it’s so awesome for parents to know at a glance just what’s happening at the Brooklyn Library or the Fernbank Museum at any given moment.


RedRover app screenshot | cool mom tech


RedRover app screenshot | cool mom tech


It’s not just a bunch of listings though. RedRover uses your location to show you exactly what’s going on based on your own preferences–date, distance, kids’ ages, and categories like music + theater or outdoors + nature. Click on the event that makes your kids start begging That one! Please! and you get a map, location, contact info, as well as the ability to directly purchase tickets should you need them.

RedRover 3.0 | cool mom tech

The best part? Suggestions on where to eat nearby. Brilliant. Says the woman who hates spending way too much money eating overpriced museum cafeteria sandwiches. Also a smart feature for tourists who don’t know off-hand just what’s near the Georgia Aquarium.

Like Twitter, your selections are really customizable. You can choose which publishers you follow and which you’d prefer not to, so you’re not weeding through preschool events for your 8th grader, or a theater in Brooklyn when you live on the Upper East Side. (Though hey, there may be something awesome going on at BAM.) The tech is so smart, it will even learn your preferences and start suggesting events that might interest you.

It really is so wonderful that for once, there’s a super innovative location-based events app that’s made just for parents, and the stuff that appeals to our families aren’t just some footnote at the bottom, after all the jazz clubs and margarita bars.

You hear that RedRover? We’re coming over. -Liz

You can download the free RedRover app on or use the web platform at The Android app will launch in a few weeks!

PLUS: All new Atlanta users through 5/19 11:59pm EST will be entered to win a huge $500 giveaway. Visit the RedRover blog for details.