If you’re looking for something to keep the kids laughing in the back seat of the car, or at home when they’ve earned a little screen time, we love these 12 silly songs all found on YouTube. Especially because when you search for “funniest YouTube videos” you don’t always get things that are so great for kids. Or even adults for that matter.

Add these to Ducky Tube or your safe video list. And apologies in advance if you get any of the songs stuck in your head for six straight days. You’ve been warned. –Liz

Gummy Bear song on YouTube | Cool Mom Tech

The Gummy Bear Song
With nearly 350 million views, clearly that rump-shaking, wacky Gummy Bear is doing something right.


Cat Flushing a Toilet video | Cool Mom Tech

Cat Flushing A Toilet
If you don’t know Parry Gripp, he’s possibly the YouTube generation’s Weird Al. His super short songs are often self-referential parodies, like this one simply about…right. Clips of cats flushing toilets.


Mr. Raisin Toast video on YouTube | Cool Mom Tech

Mr. Raisin Toast
Also from Parry Grip is this ridiculous little series of (obviously) Mr. Bill inspired shorts, only the object of the torture is Mr. Raisin Toast. Don’t be surprised if your kids start creating their own episodes.


Madagascar 2 I Like to Move It | Cool Mom Tech

I Like to Move It from Madagascar 2
You can never think of the will.i.am song the same way once you’ve seen lemurs, hippos, penguins and zebras swaying their rumps to this tune.

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Googly Eyes by Caspar Babypants | Cool Mom Tech

Googly Eyes
Sung and created by former Presidents of the United States lead singer Chris Ballew, as his made-for-kids alter ego, Caspar Babypants, kids will love this sweet melody matched with silly googly eye lyrics and rudimentary animation. Even better: Chris drew the whole thing at his kitchen counter.


Evian baby dance video | Cool Mom Tech

Evian Baby Dance
Yes it’s an ad, but my kids ask to watch it all the time. The CG is brilliant, as babies seemingly rollerskate to Rapper’s Delight.

Evian baby and me | Cool Mom Tech

Also check out the new Evian film Baby & Me in which adults dance in a mirror with their toddler alter egos.


Party in My Tummy Yo Gabba Gabba video | Cool Mom Tech

Party in My Tummy
What started as a promo video for Yo Gabba Gabba turned into a huge cult hit. My kids love the cartoon carrots crying about not being able to attend the party in Brobee’s tummy. Bonus: It makes them want to eat carrots.


The Lion Sleeps Tonight video | Cool Mom Tech

The Lion Sleeps Tonight
In the same spirit of the Madagascar video, a classic song + funny animated animals = recipe for YouTube success. My kids can’t get enough of it.


Farting baby song on YouTube | Cool Mom Tech

Farting Baby Song
I freely admit I hate this video, sung to the tune of Bicycle Built for Two. But when you’re five years old (or perhaps a 27 year-old man), it’s the most hilarious thng ever made. I’ll leave it at that.

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Gangnam style video | Cool Mom Tech

Gangnam Style
At 1.7 billion views and still counting (whoa) this video remains one of my kids’ favorites. You have to decide if your kids are old enough for a little bumping and grinding and the “hey sexy lady” chorus–or whether like my kids, they don’t notice it at all. They just think the dance is really funny. And wait…is that a flamingo?


Mahna Mahna video | Cool Mom Tech

Mahna Mahna
Yep, it still holds up.

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